Pastor Mike's Corner

Threshold Crossing

What is a threshold? a threshold is a divider that separates the outside of a house from the inside. A long-time tradition says that the groom carries his bride over the threshold of their home, symbolizing their new chapter in life. Thresholds. It's a small piece of a house, but one cannot come into the house without first crossing it.

I believe that our nation is at a threshold. The hard part is knowing what lays on the other side of that threshold. What happens when we cross that threshold? Healthwise? Politically? Culturally? As Christians? We stand here gazing at the threshold, knowing that when we cross it, change will occur. For the better? For the worse? Esther in the Bible came upon a threshold that she had to cross. Her choice was clear. If she failed, her people would perish. The story is found in Esther 4:13-17.

Queen Esther was told by Mordecai that Haman, a leader, got the king to sign a death decree for all the Jews in the very large kingdom she was Queen over. He implored Esther to do something and told her---maybe this is why God put you here in the first place, Esther.

her response? Threshold crossing. "Tell all the Jews to fast for 3 days and nights. I will go see the King after this, even at the risk to my own life. If I perish, I perish."

She was presented with a threshold. She responded with action. Fasting almost always was accompanyed by prayer in the Jewish culture, so they were fasting and praying. She probably thought to herself, "If the peole are to survive, I've got to cross this threshold". Calling the people to fast (and pray) was her way to intervene. Calling out to God in a humble way was the plan. Only God could save His people. he used Esther to do it.

The rest is history. The Jewish people were saved, and the enemy was destroyed. It happened because Esther and the people came into the presence of God humbly. Our threshold is nearing. Elections. Cuture wars. Division. A huge health challenge we call Covid. All big. All thresholds. All should be approached by God's people in humble prayer and attitude, as we petition the throneroom of heaven. What will be on the other side of that threshold? Only God knows. But, He will already be there. Let God carry you over that threshold in His arms in submission to him, much like a bride. That is the way to do it. Perhaps, this is why we are here, for such a time is this!