Pastor Mike's Corner

Forgiveness: It's Good for What Ails You!

Forgive and forget. It’s a phrase that been used by many over the years. Forgive the wrong and forget that it happened. Problem is, we never apply this because we can’t. We can forgive, but we actually never forget the wrong because it is a scar that’s been left behind by the wrong. A scar is a visible indication of healing, and it leaves a mark of where the hurt was. We can’t forget. So what can we do?

Many doctors and medical journals have written articles over the years about the health benefits to forgiving.  We are told that those who forgive have healthier lives, including lower blood pressure, lowers the risk of a heart attack, lower levels of anxiety and stress, as well as aiding in depression. Research seems to point to a connection between forgiveness and better health.

Long before the medical doctors figured this connection out, The Bible spoke about the need to forgive. Jesus, in His Sermon on the mount, said that we need to “forgive those who trespass against us”. Jesus even told us to forgive our enemies! Must have sounded absurd when He said it. To some, it sounds absurd today. Forgive our enemies? It is easier to forgive our friends but enemies? Uh, no. Jesus told us that when we forgive, we are much like our Father in heaven, who has forgiven us. So, forgiving someone illustrates one way we can be like our Heavenly Father.

Forgiving and forgetting are impossible to do. Let’s just be honest. But, Forgiving and releasing the hurt is possible when we allow Christ to work through us. We cannot forget the wrong, but we can cancel out the wrong by releasing it to God. Sure, people wrong you. They have done it before, and will do it again. Friends, family and enemies (even people we don’t know!) will wrong us and hurt us. Forgive them, for your health’s sake, for the peace God gives through it, and because He once forgave you your sin through what Jesus did on the cross. Jesus forgives every hurt (sin) we cause Him when we confess them to Him, and we ask Him to forgive us. Want to know the real truth about forgiving and forgetting? Jesus is the only one who can truly forgive and forget!