Pastor Mike's Corner


Spring has Sprung!


You always know when winter is leaving us and spring is upon us. How do I know this? Well, one can notice the trees (pollen is everywhere!), flowers are sprouting, and some are blooming, bird life is changing around here, and the tourists are showing up for spring break. Yep. Spring has sprung. Warm (and hot!) temps are just around the corner. Gotta love Florida, right?

Another sign of spring is new life. New plants sprout out of the ground. It is always a grand sight to see little, baby plants coming up out of the dirt. It’s cool to think that large, majestic oak trees start off as a little bitty plant. It is how life is.

That is the story of Easter. Actually, I like to call it Resurrection Day, because it’s the day that life was given to us. Christ came out of that borrowed tomb so many years ago, and when He did, we were given the opportunity for new life. His life can bring us new life. Without His resurrection, nothing else matters. Just like a baby plant poking its stem out of the dirt, Christ came up out of the ground as new life. He no longer was the teacher who performed miracles. He was now the risen King! And, He lives today!

Do you know this Jesus, who makes all things new? Do you know the One who is literally changed the world when he came out of that tomb? If you do, then celebrate with us the risen King! Jesus lives! He lives today. Don’t know Him? Well, what better time of the year to begin a new life than Resurrection Day? You don’t even have to wait till then, you can do it right now. Ask Jesus for this new life He offers. Here’s how, in a prayer:

  1. Admit to God that you have blown it. Your sin (mistakes, errors, lies, poor choices, etc.) separates you from God. Admit that. There’s no way you can save yourself. It’s just not possible. Admit to Him that you need a Savior. (Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23)

  2. Confess your sins to Him, and ask Him to forgive you for those sins. He will if you ask Him from your heart. Just talk to Him about it. He already knows, but we need to confess and repent of our sins before God. (Romans 10:9-10)

  3. Believe in your heart that Jesus is the Son of God, who came to pay yours and mine penalty for sin. Believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay our sin debt. Believe that Jesus did not stay dead, but God raised Him up on the third day. He is alive today. Believe this! (Romans 10:9-13)

  4. Ask Him to come into your heart and life. Surrender your life to him. Commit to following Him. Ask Him to save you. He will. I promise you.  (Romans 10:13)

That’s it! If you did this, please contact us through our website! We want to rejoice with you! We want to help you in this new life you have!  That is why we are here.

A new life. Do you have the life that Jesus offers?