Pastor Mike's Corner



Come in From the Cold!




We are right in the middle of our “winter” here at First Baptist. Winter is in parentheses because, really, we do not have a real winter as it is known in our northern states. When it gets cold here, it is only for a brief time, and then it doesn’t really get that cold. Floridians seem to be able to handle a hurricane better than the winter, though. When it gets below 50 degrees, the weatherman starts using words like “chilly”, “cold”, and “bundle up”. I guess it gives us a chance to use those winter coats that stay in the closet 350 days a year. Dropping below 40 degrees? Break out the parkas people!

There are other places that are downright frigid as well. No, I’m not talking about Minnesota; I’m talking about the human heart. When a heart is as cold as ice, compassion is non-existent. There was even a Christmas movie character created to remind us of the power of a cold heart: The Grinch. He was careless about others, and only thought of himself. He was also miserable. Cold people usually are.  The human heart can be callous and cold. It can be uncaring, thoughtless, and downright rigid.

Christ followers, though, have a new heart (Ezekiel 36:26). Christ gave them one when He came into their lives. This new heart is not a heart of stone, but a heart that lives and thrives off of His Spirit (Ezekiel 36:27). We have been given a heart that loves unconditionally, sacrificially, and cares for the things that God cares about. However, even a new heart can become cold. We forget what God did for us on the cross. We forget His benefits that we are commanded to remember (Ps. 103:2). We forget, and we get cold again. When we let Christ rule and lead our hearts and lives, then we will be warm with His love, His compassion, His tenderness, His mercy. His presence will ooze out of us and be evident for all to see.

It can be cold in winter, but don’t let your heart turn cold. Let Christ warm your soul with His presence. If you don’t know the Christ I’m talking about, He knows you. He desires a relationship with you. He wants to fill your life with Himself. This, my friends, will warm your soul because He will give you a new heart. Want to get warm? Lean in to Jesus. He’s better than the best blanket you got!