Pastor Mike's Corner

Tunnel Light


This time last year, things life was just humming along. 2020 began with a bang for many. 2020 looked bright. Then Covid hit. Everywhere. And the country shut down. For 3 months or longer, depending on where you live. Nothing’s been the same since, right?


There might be light at the end of this “tunnel” (cases down, vaccinations up, etc.), but the real light at the end of the tunnel is not the news we read in the paper or see on TV. The real light is Jesus. He said “I am the light of the world”, and proceeded to demonstrate to all that He is the light we all need.


If you are looking for some good news my friends, you won’t find it in the newspaper, TV or on social media. You find it in the Good Book, The Bible. Jesus is the light that will carry us through this “Covid Season”, or any season. He will light up your path for you, help you see where to go (Ps. 119:105). Trust Him.


God has done great things for His people in the past. He can and will do it again. Ask God to open your eyes today to see clearly what that is. Remember, “…in Him, there is no darkness at all”. (I John 1:5)