Griefshare Ministry


Loss. It happens to all of us. We lose parents. We lose chidlren. We lose our friends. We all experience grief. Oftentimes, we struggle with how to grieve. We struggle with how to handle the loss, and it makes life hard. 

Griefshare Ministry was created for just this aspect of life. Griefshare Ministry is a ministry that is designed with purpose, to assist those who are going through a loss. Any loss. Griefshare ministry is a support group with people dealing with a loss, just like you.

Question: So, Where does This support group meet?

Answer: we meet at First Baptist Church of Harbor Oaks.

Question: When does Grief share meet for this location? 

Answer: Griefshare will begin its first meeting at this new locataion beginning in September.

Question: What does it cost?

Answer: All it costs is the cost of the guide book that we use over the course of the group meeting. The book typically costs $15 dollars. If you wold like to attend our Griefshare meeting but cannot afford the book, please call the church. There may be scholarships available.

Question: How long does the meetings last?

Answer: Griefshare meetings run 13 weeks, meeting once per week. Each meeting typically lasts around an hour or so. It can vary depending on group discussion.

Question: How can I sign up to attend?

Answer: You may call our Griefshare coordinator for our church, Mrs. Lisa Swingle, at 352-426-1241, or you can call the church office at 386-767-6062. 

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